Russia Markets

For example, one of our customers, who planned to form in early 2009 to command the Russian market continues to move toward this goal. – Which companies are downsizing? – Basically it is Russian manufacturers and distributors. It is from these companies, we are witnessing an increased influx of candidates. Western firms feel relatively stable. I should add that some employers use situation on the labor market to get rid of "ballast" to replace the current staff to a higher quality. Selection of candidates for the job market has become broader. – What professionals are now in excess, and any still not enough? – The market is experiencing a large influx of managers who held the position of deputy heads of divisions / departments, ie "Backup" link.

More become marketers. But not those highly qualified specialists, which is called, in the afternoon with fire will not find, a young, inexperienced. Or those who combined work in marketing with some additional features. Strong, experienced product is not laid off – they will hold up to the last. As for medical representatives, then we do not notice some excess candidates. If they appear on the market, quickly find jobs. Good medpredstaviteli always in demand.

– How are things going with the experts pharmaceutical production? HR-Pu noted that the market there were great technologists. – I would not talk about this fact, as a mass phenomenon. The fact that the industry threw out these specialists on the market, due, probably, not a crisis, and other processes.