Does not have to be perfect. You try to do this little exercise. It is important that you identify, separes and structures the different business areas within your company. It is here where is the power of this approach. Let’s see, regardless of the type of business that you are, you should be restructured by business areas, and organize each of these business areas separately, wherever possible and feasible for your business. Read carefully what comes next, stay with the idea I share here with you, and tries to evaluate, with well-open mind and possibly involving your team to help you in the process, to what extent can or should you apply this strategy of restructuring. In order to better fulfill the purpose of this article, take the example of a company that is dedicated to training (could be an infinite number of examples, and your goal is to assess if your company could assume this strategy or not). However, within the field of training, could be also an infinite number of businesses, from driving schools to vocational training in various sectors.

However, for me is most convenient to explain the topic of today, Let me take an example real and recently one of my clients of continuous advice. One of the companies of this customer, is an Academy of hairdressing and aesthetics. I agree? This client said to me: Jordys, we need to enhance the Academy, what can we do? Then I asked: what are the different Areas of Business Academy? I.e. today, what products or packages of products or services, the concepts that enters the money;? why your objectives clients pay? As well, identified five types of courses, between initial training and retraining, which are currently traded these 5 types of courses, they are the 5 business areas, where the money enters. Is it clear? Now I ask you.