In Toledo we are in El Senorio de Illescas, and Barcelona in Sant Gervasi and Sant Cugat del Valles. Furthermore, we anticipate that at the turn of the summer we will continue adding new franchisees, adds the Manager of Expansion. In any case, the profile of the franchisee to buscNemomarlin, and that it is always key to the smooth running of the business along with the transmission of knowledge and experience by the Ensign, it is aimed at people that above all the children like them. We went not only to teachers, early childhood educators, psicopedagogos, but to any person with an entrepreneurial spirit who sees in our company the possibility of opening a centre with full support and endorsement by the central, Destacareimondez. In terms of ingredients that will allow them to make an attractive franchise of Nemomarlin and with a return on investment in the short term this is a brief summary of them: firm structure. With her the franchisee solves all stages that must pass, with minimal concerns that may arise in their way. In Nemomarlin put at your disposal all the know-how and all the services required.

We accompany them in issues such as financial advice, architecture and engineering of the premises, marketing and communication to be followed, or pedagogy that cater to its audience, adds Fernandez. Turnkey infant school. In four months the franchisee opens and begins to monetize your business. We do from the search of the premises whose minimum dimensions are from the 300 m2 until the construction of the proyectoa through our Project Management Department to ensure compliance with safety standards. We also take care of the realization of all the relevant administrative procedures. Agreements with financial institutions, which will facilitate the required minimum financial investment which stood at lathe the 240,000 euros, including civil works. Admission is 18,000, exclusivity area is 20,000 inhabitants and the surface of the room of 300 square meters. Recruitment and educational project. Since these are the pillars on which this business must be sustained, ending both executives.