Data Governance

Webinar on February 02, 2010, 15:00 with the data governance experts Jim Orr (United States): Data governance – is visible as the benefits of a data governance for the company so shows the added value of how the benefits of a data governance for the company visible is Webinar groupwide organize the data quality company on February 2, 2010, 15:00 with the data governance experts Jim Orr (United States) want to, are facing the challenge of finding an appropriate form for this data governance. Special requirements are taking into account different interests and the coordination of all stakeholders (stakeholders). Because data governance encompasses all processes, which are necessary processes and people within the entire organization on consistent, accurate, and up-to-date data to access back. A comprehensive enterprise-wide backup of data quality in a data governance project must define the responsibilities for the ongoing management of data quality therefore also throughout the group. Before it but to an introduction of the data Governance in a company comes, it must convince the decision-makers and the top management of the meaningfulness and necessity of such a project.

A convincing business case wins the most difficult task for any data governance project is to gain the support and involvement of senior management and the Board. And for good reason. Decision makers need to see a compelling and comprehensive business model that triggers a whole range of financial options, and that includes the responsibilities over the management of the data base. It has been shown that the strength and endurance of the data governance program is directly proportional to the strength of the business cases – and the ability to communicate them accordingly. Jim Orr is an internationally recognised specialist in data governance. As Director of enterprise data strategy at Trillium consulting in the United States he knows, what is relevant for CFOs and the CFOs, whenever a data governance program is discussed.