Secure Document Encryption

The new version of Cortado workplace is the first application that the encryption of local documents on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch fully support Berlin, March 29, 2011 – with the version of the operating system iOS4, Apple has created the basis to place content encrypted on the iPad or iPhone, and to prevent unauthorized access to local files. This protection mechanism only works when he is also supported by the applications that are used on the device. The mobile business expert Cortado now follows that security in mind. The new version of its document management solution, free Cortado workplace is the first app, the the full encryption of local documents on devices with iOS 4 support. In its report to the Smartphonesicherheit identifies the ENISA (European network and information security agency) data theft through stolen or lost lost devices as one of the greatest security risks in the use of mobile devices.

The ability to encrypt locally stored documents. the new version of Cortado workplace theft or loss of the device now protects against unauthorized file access. Optionally, the user can set the encryption on the device basically for all files. In this case, all documents stored in the local workplace directory are automatically encrypted. Alternatively, the user for each document individually decides whether he considers an encryption necessary. Encrypted documents are identified by a lock icon. Open-In Cortado workplace can be very well together with other apps, such as good use reader, keynote, pages, or the email application.

So, documents from these programs directly in the workplace can be filed and printed. The new Cortado app can be used by private iOS users, as well as in the corporate context together with the Cortado corporate server. In the second case, the new encryption feature complements the secure access to the corporate network to the safety of locally stored files.