Paid Crowdsourcing – A Chance For Jobbers And Company

Wolfgang Kitza, Managing Director of the service provider about crowdsourcing for more than five years is, offers micro jobs for various people and translates as large projects for large customers and medium-sized companies at a record pace. 1 Mr Kamau, your business is very successful for more than five years on the market and today. As you look back on this time? Wolfgang Kitza: In the last five years much has evolved. We have worked after the founding of the company in 2005 once on a prototype for our system. This was of course not the prior of art on which we are today long.

With the successful completion of first customer orders, we have continuously developed the program and improved. The system has been proven to this day and is still continually optimized. We have built an expert team in the areas of management, sales, and development. So we could take our self service marketplace 2009 online provide, on which our customers smaller orders independently adjust. Earlier this year there were a full relaunch of the marketplace with lots of new features for the customers as well as our administration.

The processes between the customer and our Clickworkers are today even more smoothly and the tasks can be processed faster. 2. a beautiful success story. But what do you expect for the next few years? Wolfgang Kitza: Thanks to the constant optimization of our services we have achieved a lot. But I see a lot of potential. Paid crowdsourcing businesses will be established in the future to an indispensable step in process optimization of operations. Other areas of application will arise through a greater diffusion and acceptance. With regard to the number of our Clickworkers we expect months already in the next 6-12 a doubling. Already today, we have an increase of 200-400 Clickworkers per day, coming from all over the world.” 3.