Specific Analytical Methods

In-depth aptitude test is for the career choice are important a competent professional advice is important not only for high school graduates and students. Tools such as aptitude test and potential analysis offer assistance in determining professional also professionals in the orientation. The right career choice to make is difficult and at the same time as significant for the more (Professional)-life. High school graduates and students already can choose between private providers of aptitude – and psychodiagnostischer opinion finding professional and thus receive the professional help they need. Career choice is not a question of age: when it comes to professional reorientation, needs every support. It is however important to ensure quality. Psychological test batteries alone make, still no good guidance”Sandra small hammer, founder of B-research, know the Institute for career choice, Diagnostics & career in Bremen.

The approach, the successful career consultant, is therefore very biografie – and resource-oriented. Developed by you and successfully used procedure for the aptitude test, the professional making day, tries to involve as many aspects of the Habitat of their clients. One of the reasons why Sandra small hammer like home look to a preliminary talk with their clients and take a picture. I want to know what drives my clients, what characterizes them”, she declared their own approach. B-research will find also wishes and the individual resources that brings someone, hearing. Information and content of the vocational decision-making day here.

Such aptitude-diagnostic proceedings within the guidance aims to determine a career that fits the personality and interests of the people seeking advice. But also inclinations and talents must be included in with in the analysis, in order to provide a suitable recommendation. So Sandra small hammer with Lisa Naumann was going on. The counselling in school had not helped the student, the test suggested that the profession of landscape architect or the physics. Both came for they are not in question, rather she had imagined a degree of in dentistry. Internships had confused them in addition. To get clarity, thorough analysis at B-research, she booked nine hours. Components were an interview, exercises, work-related personality and interest tests and questionnaires. Also a writing sample should provide information. A few days later the Duchess kept their individual consulting report with the test results and annotations in hands. Together with Sandra small hammer has developed different professions from it, that suit their interests and skills. It has become clear why the dentistry is not right for them. On the contrary, it is now satisfied aspiring Hotel specialist.